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Update ( little bad news ) 7/22/2020

Right after the trip below was finished. I was putting the boat away as I have a thousand times before. A small incline into the garage and boat goes right in for another day of prep to get ready to go again. NOPE not this day. As the boat hit the incline with hard forward momentum it decided to stop kick forward as I was going in the opposite direction and a loud snap and pop could be heard. As I looked at my left arm it looked a little deformed. Apparently I ruptured my bicep muscle to the point I need surgery.  So on 7/28/2020 I will be having surgery. So I will be out for a while until it is healed. I will update to advise when back out on the water. 

Good new's now.

I will be working real hard during this time to have my video equipment up and running to video the trips. So you will not only have pictures for keep sake but a video as well to share with your friends.

I will continue to update the website and have a round about time of return. 

Keep those lines tight.

Fishing Report on 7/22/2020 St Croix River

St.Croix Fishing Report

Today, I had the extreme pleasure to take Justin and Ryan the Manager of Prior Lake Bait & Tackle out for their first river fishing adventure. We were blessed with catching just about every species the St. Croix offers, Lots of Walleye unfortunately all were short of keeping size. Saugers was a mix of shorts and some nice keepers. Crappies, Perch, Smallmouth Bass and a northern pike were caught. Along with of coarse fresh water drum. Even though I would consider this a slower day it was a great day of fishing. Here are a few pictures of their trip.

Keep those lines tight.  

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