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Fishing Report on 5/27/2020 St. Croix River 

Today on the St. Croix River I was supposed to be consulting  with a new client. The weather was going to be a little wet for them so they decided to move the date which I was fine with. I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to get out on my own.  A little wet really means rain all day.  Rain doesn't stop this fisherman. It came with a light NW wind most of the day and water temps of 68 degrees. 

I have been working really hard to fine tune the electronics on the boat. What a good day to find a new location for Walleyes and Sauger. I planned on using the whole day to search and destroy fish plus I needed a few for a family Walleye dinner.  As I get to the first area that I think might be holding fish I start to dial in the electronics. I did a single pass over a contour it showed me a crazy amount of fish below. Knowing how Walleye appear on the screen I mark the spot and turn around to try it out. These fish were in 20-25 FOW. 

I setup on the waypoint, drop the Jig and with in seconds the first Walleye but it's a shorty and the 2nd , 3rd, 4th all short and next was my 1st Sauger 18 inch and they just kept coming non stop. I know you can only keep 6 total. When I got to 5th fish and the 6th would have been way to too easy I just released everything else knowing 6 ends my day. 

My confidence was sky high and I wasn't even on the water for an hour yet. I released 27 Walleye & Sauger mixed in one spot. No other species was caught. All under an hour. 

The rain started coming down hard now. I thought that was to easy so I left this very productive spot to find another. You can guess what happen next.  YEP, a few drum a few white bass a few medium Perch but not another Walleye or Sauger to be had

I had one last fish to catch for a limit. I have the way-point back to the productive spot I can pickup one more get out of this rain and head home.

When I got back to the spot. THEY WERE GONE. So I settled for the 5 to get me out of the rain. Really other then the rain it was a Great day on the water. Here are the eaters I kept for the fryer.

Until next time keep those lines tight. 

5/24/2020 Memorial weekend on St. Croix River - Family Day

As a guide, I can go fishing anytime. Today was about being in the boat with Family and Honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. We should never forget not just the past but the present as well. Linda, Hope and myself wish you a safe weekend. Here are a few pictures of Hope on the Kinikenic Island having a little fun after spending time just cruising the St. Croix River. Stay tuned for the next fishing trip this week. Chasing Walleye's 

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