St.Croix River 7/22/2020

St.Croix River 7/20/2020

St.Croix River 7/10/2020

Mississippi River 6/26/2020

St Croix River 6/22/2020

St. Croix River 6/19/2020

Mississippi River 6/01/2020

St. Croix River 5/28/2020

St. Croix River 2020 5/14/2020

Just a few eaters for the frying pan


St. Croix River 2020 5/11/2020

Variety of Fish in new area of the St.Croix





St Croix River 5/4/2020

50 shorts all about 14.5 inch on a Jig and Night Crawler


St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

Meet Matt the newest graduate. Matt has always struggled with the St. Croix fishing. After a short 4hr trip Matt has all the tools to repeat his success. Matt successfully handled his own boat. He is able to control his boat to deal with winds and use it to his advantage.  Learned what equipment plays a part in his success. Has a better understanding of using his electronics (Fish Finder). Now knows the where and why on the areas he will fish. He went from student to master. It was a real pleasure working with him. Thanks, Matt and keep tight lines.  8/2/18

Matt say's " Brian, I had a great time catching some fish but more importantly, I got to learn fishing techniques from a real pro. Truly enjoyed it and will certainly refer you to anyone who is looking for a fishing teacher!"

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

Went out on the Mississippi River chasing Small Mouth Bass for a day. Amazingly strong fighting fish with lots of action. 7/11/18

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

As always a beautiful day out on the St Croix River. While chasing Walleyes this hefty Channel cat wanted some action too. 6/13/18

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

An extremely good day out on the Kayaks in a Metro Lake. 2 limits of panfish with a client. Looks like a Fish fry tonight. 5/21/18

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

Pre-fishing for a client coming into town. They are looking to find the Smallmouth Bass fishing. Not going to be a problem they are feeding well on the St. Croix. Extremely strong fish and a lot of fun. All released. 5/18/18

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

The St. Croix was producing fish today. Client learning how its done on the river. Here is a couple of limits. 5/12/18

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

Had a Kayaking trip out on a Metro lake. Target today Northern & Bass and we couldn't keep them off the lines. Great day out. 5/15/18

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

A beautiful day on a Metro lake. Guided Kayak trip. 4 hours of fun fishing. Sunfish, Northern, Bass, and wildlife. 5/11/18


St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2018

Client trip on the river for Walleyes & Sauger. 3 limits today in less than 3 hours. Total day 30+ Just a fun day of fishing. 5/17/18

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2017

 Easy 100 fish day. It poured rain about 90%. Good news no lighting. The River is funny sometimes. Normally in rain, the river turns off. But today it was alive. Out of the 100 fish, only 9 were considered keepers. Walleyes must be 15 inches  & Saugers any size does the job. I would say 80% of the fish today were Walleyes. Most were 14 to 14 1/2 inches. Everything caught and kept are pictured below. The bite is going well right now. Along with today's catch was Small Mouth Bass, Northern, Perch and White Bass & Catfish. It was fun a day of fishing.  My Client has never been Walleye fishing on the river.  Great day on the water except for being wet all day. He has some good eats and he
learned what it takes to fish the St. Croix. 

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2010

St. Croix beat up Northern while fishing for Perch. 4/15/10. Released and swam off ok, even with no tail.


May 5th. St. Croix... 2 Walleye, 2 Sauger, 1 Jumbo Perch and really windy out.

Mr. Gordy with his nice Limit of Walleye. Great job & a great time. Thanks 5/12/10

Early morning shore Walleye from the St. Croix in May.

Mississippi pool 2 Walleye.23 inch C&R. Looking for the trophys in May.

Out doing a little sunfish fishing from shore and Mr. Bass had to take the bait. This is one of two for that day released. May 22 2010

Here is the 2nd on the same date. About the same size and released.  May 22 looking for sunfish. Go to videos to watch him being caught.

19 inch Sauger from the Mississippi. 6/10/10

Catch of the day with Pete, Andrew,Matt 6/19/10

Pete, Andrew, Matt with their catch of the day. 6/19/10

Matt's 19.5 inch Sauger....Nice fish. 6/19/10

Pete's 4.5lb Flathead catfish.  6/19/10

Andrew showing off a little White Bass and then they got a lot bigger. 6/19/10

Early morning Smallmouth Bass St. Croix 6/30/10

St. Croix has some great Smallmouth Bass action early morning. 6/30/10

St. Croix 7/8/10 Sauger,Crappie and fat Sunfish....Lunch. Caught all of them mixed in with Walleye's

26" Walleye...6lbs. Mississippi by Capt. Brian 7/21/10

Greg's fat cat channel. The sun was a beast. On the Mississippi. 7/21/10

Deer crossing the Mississippi. I headed them back to shore to saftey.

Larry on the St. Croix. Nice eater Sauger 16.5  7/28/10

Wanda & Andy catch of the day. 23" & 21" Walleye & 2 Saugers 15" 7/31/10

Wanda & Andys catch. 7/31/10

Proud Wanda with her 23 inch 3.5lb Walleye. 7/31/10

Mike & his dad Dwayne with his 17.5" Walleye 8/4/10

 Client Tony with his 24" Walleye.  Mississippi 8/18/10 His biggest to date.

26" 6.5lb Walleye Mississippi 8/19/10

 17" for the Mississippi 8/19/10

11 yr Trey fighting a 6-7 foot sturgeon

Another great day out on the St. Croix.

Doc on the water 17" Walleye. St. Croix




St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2009

 Brian & Young Ben. Four 17" Saugers and one 14.5 released. 6/26/09

Nice catch!!!   7 Saugers 2 Channel Cats, plus 2 Sauger that got off right at the boat. Windy day 19 mph out of the South.  Tough fishing. Still a great catch.  5/31/09.

St. Croix Small Mouth Bass 20 inches 4.8lb. That hit looking for Walleye's 5/15/09

Two 17" Walleye's on the St. Croix. South winds 25 to 30 mph plus a lot of short Walleye's that were 14.5". Just missed the 15" size limit. 5/15/09

29 inch 9.8lbs. A few photos and back in the water she went alive & well in the St. Croix. 5/8/09

17" Sauger, 16" Walleye, 10.5 Jumbo Perch. 05/03/09

St. Croix on 5/3/09

Before season opened for Walleye its perch time. On the St. Croix 4/22/09

St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2008

8.5lb Mississippi C&R 10/2/03

26" Mississippi Walleye 10/02/08 C&R

28" Mississippi Walleye 10/02/08 C&R

26" Mississippi pool 2  09/30/08 C&R

4.5lb Mississippi pool 2  9/30/08 C&R

6.5lb Mississippi pool 2 9/30/08 C&R

New Clients.17.11lb Flathead Catfish St. Croix 9/19/08. 

1.9LB C&R Mississippi 9/17/08

2.0LB  C&R Mississippi 9/17/08

4.2LB C&R Mississippi 9/17/08

Good job Brett. 14.11Lb Flathead St. Croix 9/16/08

4.6LB C&R on pool 2 of the Mississippi. 9/14/08 

 4.6lb Walleye from the Old Miss 09/14/08 C&R

Client Steve with his 5.5lb Channel cat 9/6/08

 Client Denny with his 6.5lb Channel cat 9/6/08

26lb Flathead  catfish 09/03/08

River Eye's & Sauger's 2008

 Nice fish Jermey & Denny June 2008

Mid Spring Walleye & Sauger 2008

Another  fun day on the river in Spring 2008 Great gob guys!!  2 Walleye's @ 17 & 18" & 2 Sauger's 15 & 16"


Mixed Bag of Walleye's & Saugers Spring 2008

Spring 2008. St. Croix river. All released


Client's first Sturgeon ever. 30 inch's. Spring 2008


Just a few St. Croix eater's in the spring 2008





St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2007

 A few Eye's on the St. Croix 2007

Client's Steve & Lori on the St. Croix 2007

Client Josh  a 14.5 inch walleye. C&R St. Croix


21 inch walleye & 2 -17 inch Saugers St. Croix


16&17&19.5 inch Walleye Metro lake 2007


 Client with a St. Croix Small Mouth Bass 5/31/07

13.5 crappie from St. Croix 2007

Mr. Whiskers on the St. Croix river 2007

 Sauger 16 inch on St. Croix 06/07

A St. Croix white bass 06/07

 Big Mr. Whiskers 2007

They just keep on getting bigger. 2007

 Big bass on a Metro lake. 2007

 Bass on the Metro lake. 2007

 Clients on 07/06/07 nice job done,Tim, Amy and Mark on the St. Croix.

St. Croix Small Mouth 17 inch. 2007

St. Croix catfish. 2007

This guy hit a jig and minnow.  2007

 Nice 11 to 13 inch crappie's from the St. Croix 07/29/07

This one from above Picture. 07/29/07

Metro bass 18.25 inch 8/10/07

18 inch Small mouth St.Croix 8/3/07

Fall St. Croix Walleye 22 & 27 Inch 9/12/07

The teeth of Walleye's 2007

 9 LB Mudcat St. Croix 9/19/07

16 &17 inch Walleye & 15" Sauger From St. Croix 9/19/07

 37" Sturgeon St. Croix 9/19/07

 1st. Place check. 110 boats entered 09/07.

 The day of the tourney 09/07.

 1st Place fish at the River Rat Tourney 09/07.

 This is what I call 3 pair's 10/09/07

 25 inch St. Croix 10/12/07

St. Croix fall Walleye's 10/14/07

Client with a 25 & 22 inch Walleye + more on the St. Croix 10/17/07

28.5" Walleye St. Croix 8.8lbs 10/22/07

37" Flat head catfish. St. Croix. 28.02lb 10/22/07





St.Croix River & Metro Lakes 2006

23 inch Walleye on the St Croix late Sept 2006.

Summer Smallmouth on the Croix 2006

Fall Crappie. St. Croix 11to13 inches 2006

Mix summer bag on the St. Croix 2006

Bass and a nice perch on a Metro lake 2006

 Client-Small Walleye on a Metro lake 2006

These fish won a tourney on the St. Croix Sept 2006

23 inch Walleye on Metro lake 2006

Client on Metro lake 22&23 inch Walleye 2006

 9 inch Sunnie's on Metro Lake 2006

22 inch Walleye Metro lake 2006

4 Sauger's 17 inch on the St. Croix 2006

17 inch Sauger St. Croix 2006

22 inch Walleye & 17 inch Sauger St.Croix 2006

Sauger's on the St. Croix 2006

 2 Walleye's out on a Metro lake @ fall 2006

Bass, perch,crappie &sunnie's on Metro lake 2006


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