Here is what I do as a Professional Consultant

1) We are going to use your boat on the River of your choice. I will meet you at the launch that morning.

2) I will bring Rods & Reels and Tackle with me. I will ask you to have what you typically use for rods & reels On-board. We will go over them and why you might want to make some non expensive changes.

3) Once on board we will discuss what we will be doing for the day and what you want to achieve. You will totally be in charge of your boat for the day. I will assist you verbally to get you the results we need to be successful.

* You will be learning boat control

* You will learn trolling motor control 

* learn how to the use wind in your favor

* What we look for on the river, weather, wind, water level, current 

* Jigging techniques that most likely different and new to you

* Electronics help. What we look for out there

* Season changes on the river. There is a early spring, late spring, Summer and fall and can be quite different on the rivers

* There are community spots to fish. Everybody goes and everybody knows

* I will give you some personal spots away from the community and tell you why they work

* Plus more 


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