St. Croix fishing guide

Playing Hooky MN.

Is this you ?

My Clients have a boat. They want to be able to go on the river in their boat.  Catch the species they want and go anytime they want and be successful on their own.  Just not sure where or how or what to use and need help.

Ever hire a guide and you can't seem to achieve the same results?

Here's why

For example.

If I own a 20 ft boat and you own a 16 ft boat. Boat control will be different.

I might use a tiller Bow mount trolling motor and you have a Transom mount

I might have full color electronics that see's a fish pass gas and wave at me. You might be using an older black and white monitor.  

I might be using the proper rod reel and line combo. You might be using a shark rod. You get my meaning.

Doesn't mean you won't catch fish it means it's time to learn your own boat and equipment.

Which I help you do for much less than hiring a guide. 

Boat sizes are different, Trolling motors, electronics, Rods & Reels, line, Boat control, Baits and seasons change. A seasoned guide knows his boat inside and out.